Het Nieuwe Warmoezeniersproject 2015

When you know the history of a place only then you can understand what it stands for and how its identity is formed.
Together with the inhabitants of the village Lent (The Netherlands) and the former horticulturalists I planted "Genista" flowers outside the old 'Genista' nursery(built in the 60's) in Lent.The shape of the Land Art sculpture refers to the architecture of the greenhouses. This project is a continuation of the New Grower's project(Part1) and has been given the name "De Nieuwe Warmoezenier"(The New Grower) referring directly to the past. This old-fashion term was used in the beginning of the previous century and means in dutch "grower".
I additionally developed a perfume from the flowers that were planted in the field. The perfume was meant as a tribute to the village of Lent and was given the name "Prima Hora". The name derived from the Foundation "Prima Hora" that I co-founded. The foundation is located in the old "Genista" nursery and serves as an umbrella for socially engagement projects and local initiatives.
This project is realised with the help of Mondriaan Fund, Prins Bernhard cultural Fund, Municipality of Nijmegen, Gem Waalsprong, Plant je vlag and a lot of locals and good friends