The Sconce of Delden 2012-2013

For this project I studied the history of Delden (Twente, The Netherlands) and came in contact with the amateur historian Dick Lohuis. Dick had found an old fortification in a hidden area with the shape of a pentagon. From very early history to modern times, these constructions where used for defense during warefare. I got fascinated by the symbolism of the pentagon form and the enormous collective labour that in the old days was required to construct it. This became my motivation for this project.
This project consists of two parts, in the first part I displayed a pentagon-shaped wooden construction, which served as a setting for the aerial movie projection. Next to this I also displayed a movie of the walk I made around the pentagon with amateur historian Dick Lohuis, during the movie I addressed the essence of history and monumental value.
The second part of the project took place in the public space. Together with 120 volunteers from a local high school (Twickel College) we engraved the shape of a pentagon on a parcel that was available to us from a local farmer. The shape of the land art was based on the original fortification found in Delden and was scaled down to 1:10 of it.
This project is realised with the help of MICK/Perron, Dick Lohuis and the students of Twickel College.

Walk, 17m35