Parfumatorium is a project that was developed for the municipality of Nijmegen, within the framework of ‘Hof van HolLand Art’ 2017. According to an old grower, the smell of flowers was strongly present throughout the old horticultural village of Lent.
In this project I tried to bring the essence of the recent transformation of Lent, from an horticultural village to a suburb of Nijmegen, in an artistic metaphor by collecting flowers from the gardens of local inhabitants and using them to make perfumes. In total I produced 50 different herbal and flower fragrances that were used to compose 16 perfumes. The flowers were collected from 16 different locations in Lent/Nijmegen where horticultural companies used to be.
The title of the work Parfumatorium derives from the Latin perfumare, meaning "to smoke through" and 'observatorium'. The sculpture serves as a place for contemplation (for the end of the horticultural tradition) and observation.
The form of the sculpture also serves as a window to observe the landscape behind which will be reshaped in the following years.
This project is financed by the Municipality of Nijmegen and was supported by many local inhabitants.