Crossing Landscapes 2011

Crossing Landscapes is a photo series taken in the village of Lent (Nijmegen, The Netherlands). Lent is the last crossing for the north-south traffic over the Waal river. Lent was originally a place for many companies in agriculture and horticulture. With the annexation of the neighbour city Nijmegen, in Lent almost all green houses were demolished in order to make space for the construction of new houses. That changed permanently the appearance and identity of the village. The photo series is based on an old engraving that was hanging in the old city hall of Elst(The Netherlands). The engraving originates from the period of Romanticism and shows the levee failure causing flood in 1799 in Doornik, two kilometres away from the village Lent. The photos record the moment of transformation. They were taken after the demolition of the green houses and just before the construction of the new houses.