The Black Project 2012

This project was developed for Wild-C Eindhoven and the event NEW COUNTRY ESCAPE OF THE 21st CENTURY. I was asked to create a place where culture and nature form a pact. Wild-C was being constructed on a deserted industrial site in Eindhoven. I conducted research on one of the buildings that of the ex-manufacturer of aircraft components: The Stork. The USAF3 F-117 Night Hawk or 'Stealth Fighter' served as a starting point of this project as it employed stealth technology, developed during the Cold War to avoid detection from the radio waves. By combining the history of stealth technology with the feature of summer residences i aim to invoke disengaging from the outside world. This resulted in an interactive installation that is based on the cockpit of the F-117 aircraft where the visitor can enter into the work in order to disconnect from external distractions.
This project is financed by MU Eindhoven.